Where women and men meet to learn about each other and about the future of love

How can we wish for peace when we are at war with love?

How can we co-create a new world when we feel ashamed of the old one?

How can we long for more self-expression and fulfillment when we are not accepting our differences?

How can we be a better man or a better woman without meeting our role models?

And how can we love each other more than ever before in times like this?


The disconnection between women and men has increased since “The Rise of the Feminine” and “the beginning of the end” of patriarchy.

But the world needs us in collaboration, and we need each other.

It’s for these reasons that I have created the S’HE Collective -

- a biweekly online MasterMind / community tank that gives WOMEN AND MEN the opportunity to meet, think, feel, share and co-create a learning journey about love, sex, community and purpose.


The MasterMind Journey contains:

  • 12 webinars, each with two leading experts in the field, a man and a woman to cover masculine and feminine perspectives

  • 12 expert videos with disruptive content, new perspectives and insights

  • 12 online councils (circles) to share, witness and co-create a new understanding of love

  • 12 Q&A’s

  • Individual Working Sheets

The Content:


Time and Place

We will gather on the first and third Saturday at 10:00 am U.K. time every month.

All calls will be recorded and sent to you via email.

Collaborators are going to be confirmed until October 1st

We will have an exciting range from Researchers, Authors, Tantricas, Shamans, and other experts in the field.

Price and Gifting

The value of this program is beyond what money could give. It will seriously change your life and the way you understand land live love FOREVER.

I believe that we need new economic models such as the gifting economy, which makes radical inclusion possible. However, I also see that we are in a phase ‘in between’ this transition.

As a step in the right direction I want to offer you THREE PAYMENT CHOICES which I will send to you in the email you will get once you have shown interest.

If you want to be part but honestly think that your finances (or lack thereof) hinder you from participating, please send an email to