I highly appreciate you being here!

I highly recommend to listen to this podcast in case you are unfamiliar with the ‘gifting economy’ or the idea of separating value from price to see value in a completely new light.


We all have different journeys, different incomes, and different savings.

What unites us is that we all value love and we want to deepen our understanding.

I have invested 5 years of time, money, deep emotional work - in groups and alone - to meet my full potential and the expression of it.

Studying love and its shadows to the degree I have, takes a level of courage and commitment that not many people have.


It feels amazing!

Now it is time to gather those whom I share this path. And you happen to be one of the first people in the world who are invited to contribute to this journey.

How do you value being part of the world’s first 12 months online gathering of men and women coming together to learn and heal love?


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Choose one of three monthly payment plan options depending on 1. how you value learning some of the worlds best content about love, sex, relationships and purpose; 2. how you value investing in yourself; 3. your income and what is left of it at the end of each months; 4. your savings and investments


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Save up to 50%

Give yourself a bold message that you and your relationships are worth investing. In my experience, being financially committed helps to stay committed to the time and work I am investing. Pay one time only, have peace in your mind, and make a commitment to yourself.


£ 499.00 for 12 months


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If you can honestly say that you couldn’t be part of this gathering if you had to choose one of the options above, please feel free to donate any amount that you feel good about. I believe in radical honesty as well as radical inclusion.