Marijana, Freelancer

Since quite a long time I‘m doing emotional work and tried a lot of different things. The coaching sessions with Bibi helped me to structure my inner and outer world again. Her ability to ask high quality and perfect timed questions brought me to valuable solutions I needed in my life for such a long time. She is a wonderful human being whose intention is to really support you where it‘s individually needed. Thank you for being there for me.

With Bibi’s guidance I have been reminded that I am a leader who has boundaries. Through spending time with Bibi I gained clarity about how I can communicate with others in a respectful way opposed to being an insecure and passive aggressive. This also impacted my personal relationships. I am forever grateful for her availability to listen, hold space and her presence in emergency situations. 


Angela, CEO


Cheska, Yoga Teacher

So much love, light and beauty emanates from Bibi’s heart. Her softness, gentleness and tenderness is warm and safe place to open up into. Bibi shone her light and held such a loving space for me while I explored my dark places and then masterfully guided me back to the embrace of my own light. Profound and insightful. Highly highly recommended.


Bibi overcame my expectations, she really put all of her energy into her work and helped me to get in touch with some deep emotions. Emotions that I now recognize and can embrace, without preventing me to move forward in my life in my full power! I am deeply grateful for the work we did together.


Klementina, CEO


Silver, CEO

Bibi's amazing presence and energy instantly created a safe, held space for me to dive effortlessly into the deep hidden realms of my sub-conscious to meet and then greet my inner child with love, compassion and curiosity.
Thanks to her divine intuition and guidance I was able to let go of another protective layer and understand more of who I truly am and why I'm such a sensitive soul. 

The progress allowed me to open up my heart even further, moving one step closer to fully loving myself, as well as highlighting my desire to complete this incredible work of expressing ALL my emotions. Eternal Gratitude