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Sexual Power: Embodied Sacred Sexuality - with Bibi Gratzer

Experience Sacred Sexuality through movement, breath, sound, touch and visualisation, a monthly drop-in workshop series with Bibi Gratzer

The aim of this workshop series is to offer guidance and empower you to explore your relationship to your own body, to sexuality, and to your own genitals,  trusting that you can ride the wave of ecstasy. Channel your sexuality into healthy expression and let yourself be witnessed in releasing shame. With the support of each other, we can finally break free from the stigma around embodying our sexual power.

SOLD OUT Fox Den Learn: Taoist Erotic Massage

Taoist Erotic Massage was developed by Dr. Joseph Kramer in the 1980s and includes rhythmic breathing techniques, deep relaxation and erotic touch with long genital stimulation. The goal is to generate large amounts of sexual excitement in the genitals and let this energy circulate through the body, thereby inducing full-body-orgasm. This is a non-ejaculative practice. The intent is full embodiment and that the receiver comes to an awareness of his or her whole body. Bibi has given and taught Taoist Erotic Massage online and privately with couples at Medicine and Buddhafields festival.

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