I work with individuals towards sexual liberation, healing & empowerment to feel alive, whole & turned on by life

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How I work 


My approach is based on the CNSS method that I've developed over the years:

C for Culture Change: decoding beliefs and behaviors that are rooted in our culture of suppression and oppression

N for Narrative and communication: these are the stories you tell yourself based on years of repetition, trauma or ancestral trauma, and how you communicate with yourself 

S for Sexuality: I believe that sexuality can heal us deeply on a physical, emotional and spiritual level 

S for spirituality & reconnecting with the sacred: getting in touch with the deeper meaning of your life is essential to find fulfillment in your life 


I weave 'parts work' together with embodiment practices, somatic experiencing, guided meditation, ritual, archetypal work, shadow work, tantra, constellations, psychodrama, NLP, and authentic relating. I draw from a background in Science, as well as spirituality, and often aim to help clients see a bigger perspective.


I work with men, women, queers, and gender non-conforming people. 

I work both online and in person near Glastonbury / England. 

Sacred Sexuality Relationship Intimacy Sacred Sexuality Relationship Intimacy Sacred Sexuality Relationship Intimacy

What clients say about my work

Andrea, London 

Bibi is inspirational. She met me at my wounds with compassion and deep understanding, and the spark of her energetic presence carried with it a sense of hope. Bibi carries this magic in her presence, this potential for you to imagine that change and transformation are possible. My time with Bibi was a momentous turning point for me. The process was deep, intimate, and playful. I walked out with a new feeling of innocence.  

John, Somerset 

I came to Bibi because of my insecurities about my sex life. She empowered me, and provided me with wisdom and practical tools, insight and compassion towards myself, and with hope. The way I experience sexuality with myself has changed, and that has helped me to feel more confident to approach women again without worrying. 

Helen, Journalist

I have not only become a better mother, wife, friend and sister but I have been given the tools to continue to improve and develop beyond our sessions. One thing I really appreciated was the mix between individual and couples sessions. Through my time with her I have taken so much, I am learning to be kinder to myself each day, to have more faith in myself and to give love and life to my inner child, and honor my boundaries.

Ashley, Somerset

I wouldn’t be who I am today without Bibi. She makes me think and feel in new ways. She has helped me to unburden and understand myself more fully than anyone else could do for me. She has challenged me, and at the same time has helped me to relax more into myself and be kinder to myself. After 15 years of marriage, Bibi has significantly improved my relationship with the love of my life, my wife, and changed who I am. I don’t recognize myself in a good way. 

Rebecca, Artist

In just one session Bibi helped me to awaken my libido that has been dormant for years. My lack of wanting Jen has had a negative impact on our 27-year long relationship. After Bibi's session I feel more connected, playful, and have a big tool-box full of things I can do to activate my sexual desire. We finally had sex again, and our relationship feels more alive than ever.

Recommended: Weekend Long

Group Work

for individuals who want to fundamentally change how they relate to themselves, their bodies and their future

  • A weekend deep-dive with others¬†
  • Tailored to male or female bodies¬†
  • Focus on female and masculine archetypes
  • Access to basic community¬†telegram community


In Person Intensive

for individuals who want to dive deeper into a subject that affects their sexuality/intimacy but don't need / want long-term support

  • Full-Day Coaching Session
  • Optional online or offline
  • 2¬†follow-up sessions

The advantage of working on a full-day basis is that we get to dive deep until we get to the core of the issue. This would otherwise often take weeks or months. 


3 Months

Private Coaching

for individuals who want to heal from shame, heartbreak, or other stress, and gain sexual liberation and a fresh perspective on life

  • 2 x¬†2-hour long coaching sessions for 3 months¬†
  • Mainly¬†online; in-person where needed
  • Workbook¬†
  • Access to 21-day Pleasure as Medicine Course
  • Access to¬†Telegram Community¬†