Join me in the Healing of Love and Sexuality to create a new and ancient future 

World-class coaching, healing and transformation for those ready to take the next level towards authenticity, love, truth, and freedom in your relationship and sex life




Do you want to be part of the transformation of our relational culture from fear of failing to trust in our deepest longings?


Do you want to feel supported in regards to healing and liberating your sexuality, and your relationship life from suppression to liberation and honesty? 


Are you ready to have a relationship characterized by deep mutual respect, open communication, encouragement of authenticity, and a shared commitment to personal and spiritual growth?



I am inviting you to a world where mature sexuality meets spiritual awakening, where wounds transform into liberation, and where every intimate encounter is an exploration of innocence and divinity.

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I am in the service of a cultural transformation from separation to connection.

I see relationships and sexuality as pathways for our personal spiritual development. Our relationships and sexuality are also essential in a cultural transformation. This is the  culture is built on awareness, love, freedom, truth, self-responsibility, a deep connection with the Earth, and devotion to the Goddess / the Mystery / the Dark.

I help individuals and couples to transform their relationships from loneliness to connection, and heal wounds in love & sex. I give guidance on evolving in the areas of communication, conflict resolution, betrayal, polyamory, sexuality, and embodied spirituality.

I draw from a wide range of tools and teachers, rooted in coaching, NLP, authentic relating, tantra, neo-tantra, sexological bodywork, trauma healing, somatic experiencing, mindfulness, parts work, systemic constellations, existential kink, and plant medicine. 

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Does your relationship have a vision & agreements about how to get there?   

If you don't have clarity about where you are going, how can you get there? Whether you want to transform your relationship, get clarity about shared values and differences, minimize having unmet expectations, and get clarity about boundaries, as well as create agreements about how to fight and how to heal afterward, then you need a map: THE RELATIONSHIP MANIFESTO. 

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Choose support that is right for you:


Do you sometimes feel your relationship needs healing?

Do you desire more tantric love-making, eroticism, sexual freedom, healing, zest, and intimacy in your relationship?

Are you troubled by doubts, fear, shame, criticism, defense, judgment, and fighting?

Would you like to gain peace & clarity by understanding the big gift - the bigger meaning - of this relationship in your life?




Are you ready to stop settling for scraps?

Do you finally want to manifest the relationship your heart knows is possible?

Are you ready to change the relationship you have with yourself in sex, love, body-image, and money?

Have you recently ended a relationship and need support to integrate the lessons learnt, and move on?




Do you know about the power of group intelligence?

Are you part of a team / a community / a group and you are looking for ways to bring your team closer together, solve conflict, spark creativity, or work through a process?

Are you curious about the connection between the left and the right brain in terms?



By signing up, you'll receive the free 21-day course PLEASURE AS MEDICINE

This course is foundational. It is an intimate meeting with the Deep Feminine, a quality that is collectively suppressed and it’s healing powers are greatly underestimated. 

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Being a soul in a body is tough sometimes. Why not fill your life with a bit more sensual and sexual pleasure? 


One of the most important aspects of the human experience is to understand the relationship between pleasure and pain. 

This free 21-day course will take you deep into your relationship with pleasure and open new doors into yourself and your relationship with your body, your sensuality, your sexuality, and your perspective on life. 

Want to have a sexual awakening and let go of sexual shame?

The most unexplored, suppressed area in our society is our sexual expression. 

Collectively, we repress and even shame pleasure and sensuality. We carry a lot of sex shame. Many suffer from sexual trauma due to abuse, performance anxiety, pain during sex, or other reasons for an unfulfilling sex life.

The costs of this collective suppression are high: 2 billion people suffer from the consequences of sexual abuse, 50% of marriages are divorced, and a third of all women in relationships experience pain during sex but are afraid to talk about it.

I believe that sexual desire is sacred.

Having a sexual awakening means to liberate your sexuality. It means that you finally become one with your original essence and your primal energy. It means, you know what turns you on and how your sexual organs work.

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Ready to make a difference in your life?


“What working with Bibi has shown me, is how sacred my relationship is and how much it matters to fight for love. Inspired by this work, I have started dealing with my self-destructive behaviours, which has a positive impact on all my relationships and my confidence. Bibi's work has also increased my capacity to listen and to understand my partner more.” 

Fluffeee, Co-founder of Shindig Festival 

"Our joint couple's intensive was so powerful in us having the space and opportunity to have our difficult dance witnessed by Bibi and to see where we can come to a deeper place of not making each other wrong, understanding each other and allowing space for eros to emerge. This is exactly what we needed and more - Bibi has held such a strong container for us and importantly shared her potent transmission of what it means to fully embody our sexual energy and lifeforce energy. Working with Bibi has been such a gift to us and we hope to have more sessions with you."

Emma, London 

“After just 2 days on retreat with Bibi, I feel loved and really seen by a group of people I trust. It’s erasing a lot of my childhood conditioning and gives me a chance to see my own potential in a way I had forgotten about. I have a new understanding of love and life, and I haven’t laughed so much and let go in years.” 

Helen T., Manager

‘I have worked with 3 Psychologists thus far, and I’ve never come as far as I have with Bibi. I felt really safe to open up and really appreciated how she helped me to take more responsibility and understand my partner. We are back together since we worked with Bibi and we wouldn’t have come that far without her.’

Adrian, Engineer

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