Join hundreds of conscious change-makers in the


- an erotic 21 min guided meditation to radiate love, activate trust and raise your level of consciousness


Have you ever experienced a moment that felt like it "changed everything"?

- an expansion of your mind through which you experienced such an impactful transformation, that you felt like life will never be the same again?

Do you know that feeling?

I experience over and over again that everything changes in a heartbeat once I’ve opened up into seeing myself and the world from a new perspective.

There's no way to 'unsee' or to ‘unbecome’ who you truly are.

This is

one of those moments.


Choose the end of suffering, eliminate the stand-by mode, tell victimhood of circumstances to fuck off and ban inauthenticity forever.

Get the INNER LOVER EXPERIENCE - the world’s most delicious moving meditation - and be the change you want to see in the world.

  • Feel yourself and your body like never before

  • Embrace an ancient source of power

  • Journey with a global community of people seeking deeper meaning and truth

  • Open your heart

  • Heal old wounds and challenge beliefs

  • Learn the art of letting go and surrender to bliss


in a nutshell

Whatever you find here, it points you towards seeing your true nature and it’s limitless potential, free from the stories you have been telling yourself. We explore this through:


Do you trust yourself?

Do you trust your thoughts, your feelings and should you?

Do you trust the process?


How do you heal? And how do you know it’s working?

What are you healing when you heal?

What are you resisting to heal and what is in the way?


What drains you in your relationships?

What do you desire?

What patterns have you not yet seen?

How would your life change if you had sex without fear for the rest of your life?


Authentic Love, intimacy + Sexuality

In my experience, I feel most authentic when my inner world matches my self expression - verbally and physically. When there is nothing to change, nothing to hide. For most of us, authentic self-expression is in particularly challenging in the field of love, intimacy and sexuality.

Expressing myself authentically in love, intimacy and sexuality has empowered me beyond imagination. Through years of practicing the healing arts, I have developed an integral program which combines spiritual growth with ‘growing up’. By bringing awareness to the true nature of who you truly are, you gain the freedom to be truly seen. By learning the world’s best ‘self’ & trauma healing practices, you unlock self-sovereignty and independence.

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Bibi is an agent of human evolution through the healing arts and exploring our true nature. She is a catalyst for love and has helped hundreds of people to open their hearts again.

As a psychospiritual mentor and facilitator, she encourages individuals and groups to gain insights into their relationship with themselves and each other, with strong emphasis on shadow aspects of love, sex and relationships. attachment-problems in regards to relationships, addictions and codependency. 

She combines teachings from erotic ecology, holistic science, shamanism, tantra, authentic relating, process work, gestalt practice and constellation work.

Her vision is to raise the collective consciousness for a world aware of who we really are. Bibi trusts that this awareness will change the world at its core.


awaken to Your Self

Beyond thoughts, beyond conditioning, beyond attachments to yourself and outcomes, there is an underlying awareness of who you truly are. To experience who you really are is a deeply spiritual experience of oneness with all things. This awareness will utterly revolutionize your life, and transform your interactions with everyone and anything.

Simultaneously, healing the fragmented parts of yourself - the traumas and stories that were caused as you identified with an individual self - is crucial to self realization.

I am not interested in the stories as much as I am interested in awakening you to your innate erotic beauty - your ability to express freely what’s awakened in your inner world, based on how deeply you know your truth, and how boldly you are willing to share it.

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

Howard Thurman

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S’HE Collective - A Global Community of She’s + He’s Dedicated To Rising Consciousness

The rise of the feminine and the beginning of the end of patriarchy have increased the disconnection between men and women.

But the world needs us in collaboration, and we need each other.

It’s for these reasons that I have created the S’HE Collective

- a biweekly community gathering to open our hearts and heal with + deeply see into into each other.

The S’HE Collective is based on these principles

Sustainable (ongoing meetings)

Humane (understanding the human condition)

Ecological (concerning the interrelationship between the sexes and our environment)

Boundless Coaching From Death To Rebirth

Since a couple of years, my growth edge is ‘How much love and joy can I possibly allow my heart to feel?’ as I discovered:

Love is limitless. Even in the midst of crisis. In the midst of uncertainty. In the midsts of climate change and biodiversity break down.

If it doesn’t feel limitless, it probably isn’t love.

After thousands of hours of healing and training, I bring the most powerful tools of the healing arts to you to.

But most importantly, I really listen and ask the questions nobody else dares to ask.

It’s for this reason that I confidently offer a money back guarantee.

If you work with me and you are not seeing big results after our time together, you will get all your money back.

The Ecstasy of Being Danced
A Dance Immersions For Women

Magical things happen when women hold circle and dance.

We embody the feminine.

We heal as we see, touch and listen to each other.

We find we are all beautiful as we uncover our bodies (if we want to).

We discover our erotic beauty.

Jealousy, shame, fear and separation slip away.

Tananga is a new practice being birthed. Imagine qoya, contact dance, and ecstatic dance with some authentic relating mixed in.

If you want to open your heart - this is the place.


The goal

“There is a world we create and there is a world that has created us. These two worlds must come together. This is the goal of our journey.”

Dieter Dhum, Co-Founder of Tamera 

Currently, our society is based on values that are not aligned with the human heart. This is happening because most of us live in the illusion of separation - from the lost parts within ourselves, from each other, from nature.

Most of us are unaware that our inside world, our own wounds, traumas and hidden secrets are directly linked to politics.

Once we remember that the inner and outer world are one - that everything we heal is also healing around us - that every action we take, every habit we change has direct impact on a global scale, then only we will be able to make substantial and sustainable transformations across the world.


Heal Yourself To Heal the World 

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi 

Can you keep your heart open in the midst of judgement? Can you stay loving towards those who wronged you? Can you focus on action instead of fear? Can you be peaceful instead of desperate for hope?

Healing means transforming fear, shame, separation, grief, anger, violence, loneliness, judgment, disharmony and trauma.

Healing means creating an inner shift, which energetically correlates with the outer world. This gives those who don’t have the courage and willingness to transform, yet, a chance to see their own limitless potential.


If you haven’t already got it…



It’s the world’s most delicious moving meditation designed to help you

to be the change.




Marijana, Freelancer

Since quite a long time I‘m doing emotional work and tried a lot of different things. The coaching sessions with Bibi helped me to structure my inner and outer world again. Her ability to ask high quality and perfect timed questions brought me to valuable solutions I needed in my life for such a long time. She is a wonderful human being whose intention is to really support you where it‘s individually needed. Thank you for being there for me.

With Bibi’s guidance I have been reminded that I am a leader who has boundaries. Through spending time with Bibi I gained clarity about how I can communicate with others in a respectful way opposed to being an insecure and passive aggressive. This also impacted my personal relationships. I am forever grateful for her availability to listen, hold space and her presence in emergency situations. 


Angela, CEO


Cheska, Yoga Teacher

So much love, light and beauty emanates from Bibi’s heart. Her softness, gentleness and tenderness is warm and safe place to open up into. Bibi shone her light and held such a loving space for me while I explored my dark places and then masterfully guided me back to the embrace of my own light. Profound and insightful. Highly highly recommended.


Bibi overcame my expectations, she really put all of her energy into her work and helped me to get in touch with some deep emotions. Emotions that I now recognize and can embrace, without preventing me to move forward in my life in my full power! I am deeply grateful for the work we did together.


Klementina, CEO


Silver, CEO

Bibi's amazing presence and energy instantly created a safe, held space for me to dive effortlessly into the deep hidden realms of my sub-conscious to meet and then greet my inner child with love, compassion and curiosity.
Thanks to her divine intuition and guidance I was able to let go of another protective layer and understand more of who I truly am and why I'm such a sensitive soul. 

The progress allowed me to open up my heart even further, moving one step closer to fully loving myself, as well as highlighting my desire to complete this incredible work of expressing ALL my emotions. Eternal Gratitude