Have you ever experienced a moment you were magically drawn to someone

- and it changed your life?

Maybe because the other person embodied something that you desired to obtain.

This is one of these moments.



- the world’s most delicious moving meditation -



  • Experience what it means to be human in times like this

  • Work with your dark and your light inner masculine and feminine

  • Feel into the miracle of your existence

  • Radiate love

  • Open your heart

  • Feel yourself and your body like never before

  • Contact ancient sources of power

  • Journey with a global community of people seeking meaning and truth

  • Change the world one meditation at a time



The healing of love - individually and collectively - has never been more important than today.

Even if it might sound paradox, but if we want to change in the world on a larger scale, we have to understand the world in ourselves first. It’s for this reason that I’ve created a program for the healing of love in its many aspects - sexually, intimately, and sensually.

“The middle path is the way to wisdom”

- Rumi


Building a relationship with trust is the foundation of any development that we do. Without trust in the unknown you will always fail to change. By resisting change, you probably miss the true miracle life has to offer - the insight into who you really are.


What do all the self-help books and personal transformation workshops help if you don’t know how to really heal yourself? This work makes you an agent of your own healing process and helps you to become a master of asking for help when needed.


You are embodying consciousness. Without the expression of yourself through the body, your ‘love potential’ cannot be actualized. Authentic relating tools, shamanic practices, dance and moving meditation are all essential parts of the whole.



Our fullest potential is found in the weaving and balancing of the Feminine and Masculine energies within ourselves. Both men and women carry feminine and masculine wisdom and tools. However, we live in a world where these energies are out of balance, silenced, wounded, or disrespected. Men and women throughout time have been both the oppressor and the oppressed.

Often it is the self-created oppression of our feelings, wisdom, power, beauty, truth or love that is the ultimate betrayal.

Regardless of your past experiences and choices, you always have the option of embracing both sides and understanding what each of them needs to become more whole and integrated within you for your highest potential to love yourself and others.

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about bibi


Bibi is an catalyst for positive human evolution. She has integrated 15 years of studying healing arts and exploring ‘our true nature’ - our ego, our personal and our transcendent self. She has helped hundreds of people to open their hearts.

As a Psychospiritual Mentor, dancer and facilitator, she encourages individuals, groups and organizations to gain insights into a non-dualistic experience, and the healing of love through reuniting the masculine & feminine. She puts strong emphasis on shadow aspects of love, sex and relationships - codependency and attachment.

She has studied, practiced and mentored in archetypal psychology, neuroscience, leadership, the Three Principles (nonduality for the Western Mind), shamanism, erotic ecology, energetic healing, meditation, tantra, and embodiment practices such as authentic relating, process work, gestalt practice, constellations and psychodrama.

Her vision is to raise the collective consciousness towards love free from fear, shame, or separation to create a world beyond the one we have created. Once we see who we truly are, there is no way we can ‘unsee’ or ‘unbecome’. That will change the world fundamentally at its core.


Authenticity in love + Sex

True healing occurs through being seen, felt and witnessed. Expressing myself authentically in love, intimacy and sexuality has empowered me beyond imagination. Through years of practicing the healing arts, I have developed an integral program which gives the tool kit necessary to enter these deeper realms of authentic love.

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There is nothing more erotic in a woman than confidence and freedom of self expression.

A woman who knows and owns who she is and what she wants can make impossible things possible.

Your erotic self is the key to freedom.

You are healing wounds created over thousands of years of suppression, sexual-, emotional-, and mental abuse. Abuse that was done to you and abuse you have done to yourself.

The healing of these wounds is complex and confusing - especially when you are healing on your own.

What if there was a better way than testing every healing program on the planet?

I have been addicted to personal transformation until I saw something that changed my life.

It is for this reason that I have created a Roadmap To Love Without Fear.

Wherever you are at, it’s time to rewrite the story.


Each of us embodies the story we believe to be true.

As we are collectively breaking free from the story of patriarchy, what is the new story of ‘manhood’ and leadership that we want to write?

How can you embody the ‘new man’? A man who listens. A man free from fear, free from approval-seeking and free from unhealed, codependent power dynamics. A man who is equally connected to his heart and his power.

Not an easy task as you are unlearning the stories of 200.000 years of history.

It is for this reason that I have created a roadmap to fearless love.

I work with both, the masculine qualities of presence – a gentle holding, respect, humility - and directionality, and the feminine qualities of the big mother womb and radical compassion.



Are you in a relationship but you are missing the alignment, the crazy attraction and heart-openness that once was?

Are you poking into the wounds of the archetypal masculine and feminine?

Being on the pathway towards enlightened relating takes trust, courage to heal, and high levels of awareness and embodiment.

Alignment in Love, Sex, Purpose, Truth, Freedom and Community are the six essential growth factors for creating and living enlightened relationships.

Together we are exploring what it means to love in these times and what it truly takes to take each other to higher potentials of love and self-fulfillment.

You will begin to embrace the dance between taking care of yourself and each other, giving and receiving, communication, conscious relating frameworks, an exploration of your sexual expression, kundalini breath work and couple techniques that will inevitably lead to deeper, more truthful connection.




Marijana, Freelancer

Since quite a long time I‘m doing emotional work and tried a lot of different things. The coaching sessions with Bibi helped me to structure my inner and outer world again. Her ability to ask high quality and perfect timed questions brought me to valuable solutions I needed in my life for such a long time. She is a wonderful human being whose intention is to really support you where it‘s individually needed. Thank you for being there for me.

With Bibi’s guidance I have been reminded that I am a leader who has boundaries. Through spending time with Bibi I gained clarity about how I can communicate with others in a respectful way opposed to being an insecure and passive aggressive. This also impacted my personal relationships. I am forever grateful for her availability to listen, hold space and her presence in emergency situations. 


Angela, CEO


Cheska, Yoga Teacher

So much love, light and beauty emanates from Bibi’s heart. Her softness, gentleness and tenderness is warm and safe place to open up into. Bibi shone her light and held such a loving space for me while I explored my dark places and then masterfully guided me back to the embrace of my own light. Profound and insightful. Highly highly recommended.


Bibi overcame my expectations, she really put all of her energy into her work and helped me to get in touch with some deep emotions. Emotions that I now recognize and can embrace, without preventing me to move forward in my life in my full power! I am deeply grateful for the work we did together.


Klementina, CEO


Silver, CEO

Bibi's amazing presence and energy instantly created a safe, held space for me to dive effortlessly into the deep hidden realms of my sub-conscious to meet and then greet my inner child with love, compassion and curiosity.
Thanks to her divine intuition and guidance I was able to let go of another protective layer and understand more of who I truly am and why I'm such a sensitive soul. 

The progress allowed me to open up my heart even further, moving one step closer to fully loving myself, as well as highlighting my desire to complete this incredible work of expressing ALL my emotions. Eternal Gratitude

increase your Capacity to love

Are you living a life that doesn’t push love away? So many of our behaviors aim at defending ourselves from love because we are afraid of hurting or getting hurt. By learning how to keep your heart open in the midst of judgement, how to stay loving towards those who wronged you, by focusing on action instead of fear, by being peaceful instead of desperate for hope, we expand our potential to love. Once you understand the pillars on which conscious, healthy relationships are built upon, you are more able to defend the sacred love within you. And through widening your potential to love, you are discovering more of your own limitless potential.

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The S’HE Collective - The MasterMind For The Future Of Love

The rise of the feminine and the beginning of the end of patriarchy have increased the disconnection between men and women.

But the world needs us in collaboration, and we need each other.

The Sacred Union Mentorship Co-creative Online Circles or one-to-one

After thousands of hours of healing and training, I bring the most powerful tools of the healing arts to you to.

It’s for this reason that I confidently offer a money back guarantee.

If you work with me and you are not seeing big results after our time together, you will get all your money back.

The Ecstasy of Being Danced
A Women’s Dance Circle

Magical things happen when women hold circle and dance.

If you want to open your heart - this is the place.


the heart of systems change

If you still not sure if this is for you, why not join our facebook community?

We co-create ‘facebook live’ challenges, exploring what is at the heart of systems change: bringing our masculine and feminine forces together in ways that can build trust, heal and embody our higher potential. You are invited to use this group to learn about yourself, expand your love potential and connect with a global community of people who ‘are the change’.


If you haven’t already got it…



It’s the world’s most delicious moving meditation.

- inspired by OSHO

- designed to help you

let go of the fears that block love

- tested hundreds of times